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The Devil's Note

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15/1/2005 Forum: fongy: the devils note has been voted best website of 2005

16/1/2005 Forum: Scott: wot does fongy know. bloody stupidddddeee!

16/1/2005 Forum: Scott: sparky beats off 3 times a day

16/1/2005 Forum: Scott: john mc fat pie wish my penis was as big as my cigars bastard to win big

16/1/2005 Forum: fongy: look at my airbrakes

16/1/2005 Forum: Scott: shaun loves the fatties. especially the hulk
scooooooooooby dooooooby dooooooooooo

16/1/2005 Forum: Shaun: Oh I hope the fat ginger one is there! She is fat AND ginger!

17/1/2005 Forum: Fongy:I want christening gift ideas! with free delivery and same day dispatch!!!

20/1/05 Forum: Shaun: 'A time will come my friend, a time will come...'
24/1/05 Forum:posted by ?: the new albino pic - possibly the funniest pic ever